The ultimate goal of every organisation: to put a smile on the face of ‘customers’. A smile because the other person understands or helps you well. A smile of joy, of being pleasantly surprised. A smile because you feel comfortable or enjoy the moment. When that smile arises, more has happened than the (trans) action itself. A beautiful moment has been created, an experience. And just such a beautiful moment ensures that this customer, guest or patient, becomes a fan of your organization. Only from a ‘report figure’ 9 has a customer become a fan of an organization. Then he tells others enthusiastically about his experience and, if applicable, he will come back. That means that ‘good’ is not good enough to turn a customer into a real fan.

Givability® is the power of giving. From giving attention without expecting anything in return. And that is not always easy for everyone. That is why we developed 7 practical principles that help you to be an incredibly good ‘host’ or ‘hostess’ for both your customers and your colleagues. Principles that can be applied in every sector, every organization, department and function. Use them to realize the uptime customer experience and create fans for your organization!

Before training the people in your team, we determine the unique Hospitality DNA profile of your organization together.

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On the one hand with the distinctive good customer experience, on the other hand by helping customers incredibly well, you will significantly improve and optimize your results. This result can be a sales result, but you can also think of customer satisfaction, image, self-organizing ability of the team, more and better Leadership, self-confidence of the participants and of course job satisfaction. When you sell products or services we help you to increase your sales. We do this with the help of, among other things, our well-known Principle of ‘Helping’, one of the 7 principles of Givability® and for over 17 years the core of all our sales training.

You learn to stop sell anything and start helping your customers incredibly well. To advise them. The result: higher average spending and an happier customer. Above all, Givability® creates an environment where customers, guests, visitors, patients and employees feel really welcome. Where employees deal with ‘customers’ with pride and from their hearts and where these ‘customers’ turn into fans.

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People make the success of an organisation. When people can flourish within an organization they experience more happiness and actively contribute to the growth of the organization. In the 17 years that we train people in organizations in Hospitality, Leadership, Sales and working succesfully as a Team, one thing has become very clear: people grow especially when they like their work and experience the working atmosphere as great.

Anyone who really enjoys his work will do it with great pleasure and is automatically a better host or hostess for customers, guests, patients or residents and a nicer colleague to work with. Moreover, the result of people with job satisfaction is considerably better. We therefore see it as our mission to help increase the job satisfaction of as many people as possible and thus contribute to both the results of people and organisations. The 7 principles of Givability® all have a clear link to increasing job satisfaction. We help employees develop their own leadership. We put every employee personally at the wheel of his or her own job satisfaction and ensure that this actively contributes to a distinctive customer experience. Learning to give gives a lot and we promise that your work will be (even) more fun!

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Leadership is a choice, it is not a rank. With the 7 principles of Givability® we awaken the leader in people. They are a great tool to get people the best out of themselves and to blossom. To be creative again and to take initiative and responsibility. Rise above themselves.

The 7 principles lead to proactive, alert managers and employees. They know what is possible and are therefore able to come up with appropriate and sometimes surprising solutions. They are involved and actively contribute to the development of the department and organisation. Givability® is a Leadership Program purely by itself, but not only for the formal leaders within your organisation, but for all employees! No matter what you do, with Givability® you are able to increase your influence, make your customers happier and increase your results. Experience it yourself.

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Working on and from Givability® leads to a hospitable culture within your organization. Where people are ready for each other and help each other where they can. Where everyone takes his or her responsibility and where there is active collaboration. Together we always achieve more than each of uw separately. You do not just create a distinctive customer experience, you do that with the people around you. Givability® is of course just as important in working with your colleagues as in dealing with your customers. The 7 principles are also leading here without exception. In our teambuilding programs we also use elements from our Givability® programs. Together you are able to make the world of your customers and each other better! Let’s go Active!

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