If customers come into your store, how welcome do they feel and how properly are they serviced? What are the contact moments and how can you use them in the best possible way? How do you higher the average amount spent by your customers? In our training programs we are working with 5 Gold Rules te help you to create fan- customers and sell substantially more. Create a win-win situation, happy customers and more revenue. We are happy to advice you.

Goal and hands on approach – learning by doing

Each Letsgoactive training starts with determining the goals to be achieved. We do this together with you. Letsgoactive represents a very practical approach. We create awareness and then we ensure that the participants really feel what is needed themselves by practical working methods and role-play. This makes them eager to achieve results when back at work. For Hospitality and Sales trainings we like to work on the shop floor so when practicing everything is like the participants experience during their normal working hours.

Tailor made training

Every Letsgoactive training is tailor made. We provide training from 1 day onwards.

In which languages can we provide training:

  • English
  • Dutch
  • German

Retail companies we are happy to work for:

Please call me for advise!

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Why work with Letsgoactive?

  • Practical and Result driven
  • Highly engaged trainers
  • High intensity
  • The experts in Givability®
  • Since 2001 leading in Hospitality training

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