• Givability® Principle-Training

Givability® Principle-training

There is so much possible within the field of Givability®. You can choose to explore and implement each principle extensively, versatile and in depth. Your team or organization will focus on one of the 7 principles at a time. With in total 7 days of training you are able to create your own Givability® training schedule over a longer period like one or two years. The Principle-trainings make it possible constantly working on the ‘art of giving’ and creating a ‘giving culture’ during this period. Of course you can also just train one or more of the principles. The choice is yours.

Duration of the training

Each Principle training consists of at least one day of training. In total there are 7 principles, so 7 separate training sessions. This way, you can create your own Givability® Course as you like it. We are happy to advise you.

Learning aspects, amongst others:

  • It all starts with giving.
  • Givability®, learn how to turn your internal with to ‘give’.
  • Learn one of the 7 principles of Givability® with appealing effective assignments and exercises:
    – Take initiative, always.
    – Receive people generously.
    – Make a real connection.
    – Think and work based on the Help-Principle
    – Act with an open heart and mind.
    – Take responsibility.
    – Create fun.
  • Inspiring exercises and practical assigments on the specific principle.
  • Understand – Feel – Create.

We can offer the training in the following languages:

  • English
  • Dutch

Companies we are happy to work for:

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