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People make the difference in every organization. If you want to achieve an optimal Customer Experience, make people feel welcome, and stand out through effective communication, Letsgoactive training group is the right partner for you. For over 23 years, we have been a leader in achieving excellent service through providing training, workshops, and short courses in the areas of Hospitality ans Leadership.

Our goal is to help you from a passive to an active welcoming approach. From artificial to real communication and making customers feel genuine welcome with your organization. We do this in the Hospitality Industry, in Healthcare, in Retail and any other industry where people communicatie with customers. And we help leaders to lead better and with a human touch approach. With our GIVING-Leadership program leading a team will become much more effective and in the end a lot easier. Welcome to Letsgoactive training group. How may we help you?


Our own unique vision: Givability® and GIVING-Leadership®

We are known for our unique vision on Hospitality and Guest Relations and our powerful Givability® program. Our inspiring and effective practical training programs, along with our personal approach, result in happy customers, significantly increase of job satisfaction among employees and sustainable improved outcomes. How can we assist you?


Givability® Training Courses – Incompany

The ultimate Hospitality training

Givability® is the name of our Hospitality philosophy and training program. Givability® is the power of giving. Giving without expecting anything in return. It assumes that you put your internal switch button to giving and leave it there, in any situation, even if it becomes difficult.

Giving produces a lot and that is why it is such a powerful tool. It allows people to experience how nice giving is, for example in attention to customers or as a manager to your team. Because you get it back immediately it stimulates a lot to continue and to do even better. Givability® ensures that your customers feel very welcome and become a fan of both your company
and the people who work there. It puts your employees at the wheel and learns them to take initiative and realize a genuine distinctive customer experience at any time.

The Givability® training program is build around 7 powerful principles that all contribute to a very welcoming athmosphere and creates leaders in Hospitality out of your employees.


Leadership Courses – GIVING-Leadership®

People-oriented Leadership of today – related to Givability®

GIVING-Leadership® is the powerful human-centered contemporary leadership style stemming from the Givability® philosophy. GIVING-Leadership® is characterized by the pursuit of empowering employees to be as independent as possible, allowing them to flourish and fostering the creation of an ‘extraordinary team’.

Leading with a focus on giving results in a high level of engagement, with employees who dare to take initiative and responsibility, resulting in a successful and driven team that all members are proud to be a part of, yielding better outcomes. GIVING-leadership® not only makes leadership more effective but also genuinely easier!

We train leaders at every level within the organization. And of course, all aspects of leadership are covered. Our training sessions are inspiring and practical, yielding immediate results.




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