• Teambuilding and Distinctiveness Programs


We believe that taking effective steps with your team does not happen in the mud but by seriously getting together. This is how our successful team building programs are build. In a one-day or two-day team building program, we will guide your team to a higher level and help you to set and realize your goals.

If you want to increase the distinctiveness of your organization or team, Letsgoactive offers a number of interesting opportunities. Also if you want to work with your team towards a great Team Vision or to determine the strategy for your organization, Letsgoactive training group is your partner. 

Teambuilding subjects (among others):

  • From team to team, where do we stand now as a team and what do we need as a team?
  • Tasks and responsibilities of the team.
  • Personal presentations of the teamplayers.
  • What do we expect of each other?
  • What do we stand for and where do we go together?
  • Creating a strong team context.
  • Draw clear common goals.
  • Belbin.
  • Team vision and team-DNA.
  • Successful collaboration with Givability®
  • Optional active outdoor program during the evening.

DNA Programs subjects (among others):

  • What is our personal ‘Why’?
  • How does our market look in the future and why?
  • How do we make the difference as an organization in that future?
  • What is our joint ‘Why’ as a team or organization.
  • Dream session on the ideal organization.
  • What is our common vision?
  • From the vision we build the DNA Pyramid.
  • Setting up a concrete customer promise?
  • How do we get our DNA into the genes of every employee?

Our DNA programs are always tailor made. We guarantee a strong outcome.

Duration of the programs:

Our teambuilding programs are in general one or two days. The most booked teambuilding program is the 2-day option. After a period of 6 to 12th months we suggest a short follow-up program.

DNA Workshops are always one day programs with the possibility for follow-up session.

In which languages can we provide teambuilding and DNA programs:

  • English
  • Dutch

Companies we are happy to work for are (amongst others):

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