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Over 15 years ago we started as one of the first training agencies with sales trainings based on customer-oriented thinking and working. What makes our sales training so special and effective is the customer-oriented process that we teach participants in our training based on our well-known Helping-Principe. We offer a wide range of Sales training, for Sales Professionals and in-house and out-of-home retailers at all levels in various industries including hotels, hospitality and retail. Our sales trainings lead to happy customers, a significantly better sales result and more job satisfaction. How can we help you?

Goal and hands on approach – learning by doing

Every Letsgoactive training starts with determining the goals to be achieved. Based on this goals we prepare training that meet your teams needs. The way of training and active workouts make the training very practical and hands on for the participants. This way we ensure that the required result is actually achieved. We will be happy to tell you all about it.

Possible learning aspects:

  • What is Customer Focus and why is this important to us?
  • Being in the lead in the Sales proces.
  • Making real connections with customers.
  • Learn to think and work based on the Helping-Principle.
  • The Sales call proces.
  • Learn to negotiate.
  • In retail: The 5 Golden Rules of instore sales.
  • Stop selling, start advising a customer.
  • Dealing with unsatistaction and angry customers.
  • Many more possible learning aspects based on the branche and the team needs.

Expected Result

After the training, the participants are more complete sellers. Thinking and acting in a customer-oriented manner, they get more from each customer contact. Improved customer contact, higher customer satisfaction, higher conversion and better sales performance.

Tailor made training – 1 up to 3 days

Every Letsgoactive training starts with determining the goal to be achieved. We have specific sales trainings for several industries among whom Hotel Industry, Retail, Business Services, Automotive, Banking, Restaurants and many more. The training we prepare meets your teams needs. The dynamic way of training and active workouts make the training very practical and concrete for the participants. This is how we ensure that the result will actually be achieved. We always use practical situations form your organization and industry.

In which languages can we provide a Hospitality training:

  • English
  • Dutch

We are proud to work (among others):

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