Many of our trainings we provide in several industries, other trainings are specifically developed for a specific industry. To help you quickly find your industry-specific training, we have organized the training next to the topic by industry for the sectors we are particularly active in. Is your industry not included? We will also gladly help you with a tailor-made training for your organization.


One of our main industries is the catering industry. Letsgoactive training group has a number of specialists in the team who would like to help you make your team stronger and increase your profit. For example, you can think of a Givability® training, a restaurant sales training, as well as any other communication training for restaurant and catering teams. 


With our roots in the Hotel Industry we are the training partner for many hotels and hotel chains. We offer specific training courses for Front Office, Food and Beverage Department, Sales, Reservations. Also Leadership trainings for managers and Sales Education for Sales Professionals. At Letsgoactive you will definitely find the right training for your team!


Hospitality is all about making people feel welcome. Whether it’s elderly care, nursing care, hospital care or other forms of care, we are training employees and executives to do the right thing to make patients feel welcome. Givability® and customer-focused and clear communication are the most important factors. People want sincere attention, clarity and being helped well.


If customers come into your store, how welcome do they feel and how properly are they serviced? What are the contact moments and how can you use them in the best possible way? How do you higher the average amount spent by your customers? In our training programs we are working with 5 Gold Rules te help you to create fan- customers and sell more.


You want to bring your facility organization to a higher level and let the different disciplines like reception, security, building management, catering and cleaning function as one big Facility Team? Letsgoactive training group is very familiar with your industry and happy to assist you with all your facility training needs. 


Have a nice evening or day out. In addition to the collection or attraction, the experience as a visitor is influenced by the atmosphere. And that atmosphere is mainly made by the employees. Even during peak hours or doing the same work over and over again, you can provide a distinctive experience. We help you to realize this for your team at your location.


We are training managers and employees in many financial and business services organizations. In Hospitality and Givability®, in influencing behavior and feedback, in managerial skills and other communication needs. Letsgoactive training group helps your team to make the difference.


Employing your knowledge for others is the basis of working in both Education and Government. We know that in both industries communication is crucial. How can you optimize your communication in order to make people feel welcome and engaged? Our trainers know the industry and are able to help you create fans for your organization.


Now worries! On this page we only mentioned the most common branches we work with. Of course we can also help you in any another industry. Please contact us directly and we are more than happy to assist you.

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