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What makes a 9+ experience in your organization? People and the way they communicate always make the difference in every situation. At Letsgoactive we are specialized in ‘Welcoming’ since 2001 and we are ready to help you and your organization to reach a level of distinctive Hospitality. With practical training sessions we create the ultimate ‘Puzzle of Hospitality’ in your organization. 

Goal and hands on approach – learning by doing

Offering customers, guests or patients a distinctively good experience at any time is the main goal for this training program. Letsgoactive represents a practical approach where we start with awareness and then make the actual translation to the contact moments with customers the participants are facing in their work. With appealing active practices, we let the participants experience and feel what Hospitality does and achieves.

Important learning aspects:

  • What is Hospitality and why is it so important in our work and organization?
  • Learn the 7 principles of Givability® as the basics of distinctively good Hospitality.
  • The Puzzle of Hospitality: Communication during welcome – stay – departure – relation.
  • Awareness of all posible contact moments with customers.
  • Optimizing communication in all possible (main) contact moments.
  • Influencing the mood of the other, how does it work?
  • Creating WOW experiences in your communication.
  • Practicing with ‘real’ situations.
  • Dealing with unsatistaction and angry customers.
  • Many more possible learning aspects based on the team needs.

Expected Result

After an inspirational practical Hospitality training, the participants are able to get more out of their work and know how to achieve an optimal welcoming experience. They have learned to make a real connection with guests and make them a fan of your organization. They are familiar with Givability® and they know how to make their guests feel really welcome. Both fun at work and the results will improve.

Tailor made training – 1 up to 3 days

Every Letsgoactive training starts with determining the goal to be achieved. The training we prepare is such that the goal you and your organization have with the training will be realized. The way of training and active workouts make the training very practical and concrete for the participants. This is how we ensure that the result will actually be achieved. We always use practical situations form your organization and industry.

A Hospitality training can be combined with a sales training or complaint handling training. We are happy to advise you. 

In which languages can we provide a Hospitality training:

  • English
  • Dutch
  • German
  • French
  • Italian

Companies we are happy to work for:

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Why work with Letsgoactive?

  • Practical and Result driven
  • Highly engaged trainers
  • High intensity
  • The experts in Givability®
  • Since 2001 leading in Hospitality training
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