• Givability® Ambassador Training

Givability® Ambassador Training

Are you just as exited about Givability® as we are? Then learn how to become a Givability® Ambassador to your colleagues, executives and customers. You will not only be an example for others, but also actively contribute to the development of a ‘giving’ organization, coaching your colleagues. We provide you with train-trainer tools and teach you how to apply them in your personal way. In addition, we can assist you with short training modules for your colleagues. Go Givability® Go!

Expected results

After completing the Expert Training, participants are real Givability® Ambassadors and can actively work with Givability® in your organization. They have the knowledge and the tools to coach employees in the art of giving. They will actively work towards a ‘Giving’ Organization where both customers and employees feel welcome, where engagement is high and better results are achieved.

Learning aspects, amongst others:

  • Givability®, Embassy.
  • Givability® coaching.
  • Training the 7 principles in your team or organization:
    – Take the initiative, always.
    – Receive people generously.
    – Make real connections.
    – Always follow the Principle of ‘Helping’.
    – Act with an open heart and mind.
    – Take responsibility.
    – Create fun.
  • Inspire, explain, make your trainees feel the power of Givability®.
  • Experimenting and practicing Givability® coaching.
  • Your personal plan of action.

Duration of the training

The Givability® Ambassador training consists of 2 days of active training.

We can offer the training in the following languages:

  • English
  • Dutch

Companies we are happy to work for:

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