• Givability® Basic Training

Givability® Basic Training

In the Givability® Basic Training, you work with your team towards a ‘giving’ organization based on distinctively good Hospitality and inspirational Leadership. Focus is everyone’s personal growth potential. Givability® assumes the action that each of you can take each and every time. This creates an organization that in which everyone enjoys working. It creates proudness of being part of it. Where customers feel comfortable and distinctively welcome. Working has never been so great!

Expected results

The basic Givability® training leads to a ‘giving’ organization where Hospitality is self-evident and people think and act proactively. An organization where ‘customers’ like to work with and where employees are happy and proud to work for.

The 7 principles have given the participants a broader perspective. In addition, they have gained self-knowledge and know how to successfully implement the 7 principles for themselves (job satisfaction, leadership) and the organization (happy customers, results).

Learning aspects, amongst others:

  • Happiness at work, what does that mean to you?
  • The ‘Positivity Theory’, it all starts with setting your internal switch to ‘giving’.
  • Training the 7 principles*:
    – Take the initiative, always.
    – Receive people generously.
    – Make real connections.
    – Always follow the Principle of ‘Helping’.
    – Act with an open heart and mind.
    – Take responsibility.
    – Create fun.
  • How Givability® works with different types of people.
  • Learn to color your work!

* We are going to experience, share, feel, think and practice.
We use effective inspirational exercises and working methods.

Duration of the training

The Givability® Basic training consists of 3 days of active training. After each day there will be a period of approximately 3 t0 4 weeks in which the participants are working together on formal as well as informal learning assignments.

As a successor to the basic training there is the Givability® Advanced training. In addition, it is possible to train each of the 7 Givability® principles separately in a Givability® Principe training. We would like to advise you.

We can offer the training in the following languages:

  • English
  • Dutch

Companies we are happy to work for:

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