• Givability® Advanced Training

Givability® Advanced Training

As successor to the Givability® Basic Training, we offer an advanced training in the field of the 7 principles. In this training you will learn more about yourself and how you can actively color the world around you and especially your work. When everyone in your organization followed both the basic and the advanced training, a welcoming culture becomes visible and palpable within your organization. A training that puts works forever in a different perspective.

Expected results

After this inspirational advanced training, participants are aware of their role in the experience of customers, guests, patients and colleagues. They are able to work with the 7 principles of Givability®, allowing customers, guests or patients to feel comfortable and welcome. They have the knowledge and the means to show distinctly good Hospitality. They know their own personality and how to make a true connection with other personalities. They create active fans for the organization. In addition, the training contributes to the optimal cooperation and substantial increase of their job satisfaction.

Learning aspects, amongst others:

  • Givability®, 7 principles how do you apply them?
    – Take initiative, always.
    – Receive people generously.
    – Make a real connection.
    – Think and work based on the Help-Principle
    – Act with an open heart and mind.
    – Take responsibility.
    – Create fun.
  • Deepen into the 7 principles, Understand – Feel – Create.
  • The 4 levels of communication and the power of the connection.
  • Managing and exceeding expectations.
  • Service is from your own strength.
  • The Big Nine.
  • Your comfort zone, stretch zone and stress zone.
  • Entrepreneurship & ownership

Duration of the training

The Advanced training consists of at least 2 days of active training.

As successor to the Advanced Training there is the Givability® Ambassador training. Next to that we offer the possibility to train each of the 7 Givability® principles separately during a Givability® Principle-training. We are more than happy to help you create the ultimate Givability Program for your team and organization.

We can offer the training in the following languages:

  • English
  • Dutch

Companies we are happy to work for:

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